Practicum 590 Blog #6

Technology is my strength, and working in the library allowed me to share some of my technology resources.  While I have shared with students, I hope to continue to share with teachers in a more collaborative effort.  I have a website that lists many resources, but when I teach 7 classes a day, it is hard to find time during the school day to work with other teachers.  Being in the library where many teachers come to work on projects would allow more technology collaboration and sharing.  Currently technology is not a strength of our librarian, though she is always sharing resources with the staff.  I hope to be like my current librarian that always seeks to share with others, and this is one way that I have been trying to do that.

While the site is not everything I want it to be yet, it is a work in progress that I will continue to work on to assist teachers.  I do believe that I would be able to reach more teachers in a LMS position to have more time and space to collaborate with others in the future.

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