About Ms. Wolf

My name is Dianna Wolf.  I went to Western Kentucky University for my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education.  I graduated in 2010 with my Master’s from WKU in LME with an Educational Technology focus and an English as a Second Language Endorsement.  I am currently working on my Rank I at WKU for LME with a Library Media focus.  I have taught two years of elementary education in self-contained classrooms.  I taught for four years in an elementary school as an ESL teacher.  I am on my fourth year teaching Computer Technology in a middle school.  I am excited to learn about new technology tools to use them with my students and share with my colleagues.

There are a few ways that teachers can use blogs with their students in order for the students to part of the interaction.

Teachers can use blogs with students to discuss homework questions students may have.  The teacher can address any questions the students may have once they begin working on the homework.  If the homework is a project, students can share ideas amongst themselves.  If the students are working in groups, they may collaborate through the blog in their group.  This allows the teacher to provide help for the student, but also allows the students to help one another.

Teachers can use blogs in order for students and teachers interact with other students and teachers from other classes in the school or schools around the world. The interaction allows for students to share and get feedback from teachers and students about various topics.  This technique provides different perspectives and collaboration among a group of students and teachers.  Because the interaction is online, the content, communication, and interaction can provide information and ideas the teacher and students would not get if only in the classroom.

Teachers can use blogs in order to present information with others or ask for insight from others about the content the students have researched.  The students can present the information, provide feedback for other presentations, and share the information with others outside of the school.  Students may contact experts to read the blog and respond to provide more insight on the topic.  This aspect of blogging can also be a way for students to not be apprehensive about presenting information.

There are many ways to use blogs in your classroom.  You can develop your own ideas, and ask your students for ideas.  They will probably have some great ideas you never thought about!



4 Responses to About Ms. Wolf

  1. Hi Dianna! I think using blogging to interact with students is great! It is an opportunity to expose students to the importance of generating meaningful content. I totally agree with you “They will probably have some great ideas you never thought about!”

    • diannawolf says:

      I did a blog with my 8th graders last year. It was a little more difficult that I would have liked due to finding a good safe site for all students. I hope to try again this year, and maybe get some new ideas!

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Dianna! thank you for leaving a comment on my website or I would never have realized how to set up comments on my page. I had to change my theme and then go from there! Good luck on your Rank 1!

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