Practicum 591 Blog #7

Throughout all of my LME classes and field experience for my first Master’s in 2008-2010 to my Rank I in 2015-2017, I have observed in 3 different libraries from some of my favorite library media specialists.  I have taught classes in these schools, so I have seen more than just field experience.  The great part is that I was able to see a variety of grades with library media specialists that had only been in the library for a couple years to 10 years to more than 20 years.  Every LMS was different in their approaches and responsibilities.

Making connections and maintaining relationships with other LMS is important to me.  While these three LMS are more than just connections on social media, many LMS around KY and beyond I am connected to through twitter, ListServs, and other social media.  I do not think that I would have made it through my classes without these connections.  I know that one of my most valuable resources as a LMS will be former and current LMS.  Participating in Twitter Chats is also something that I want to continue.

Here is a link to the feed of #KyLChat that takes place with LMS and those interested in LME throughout the state of KY for an hour a few times a month.

The ideas you can get, the ideas you can share, and the connections that develop are very helpful for any LMS.

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