Practicum 591 Blog #8

  • CEBS Dispositions

  • Values diversity – Willingly works with others from different ability, race, gender, or ethnic groups. Welcomes feedback and interaction with others. Listens carefully to others and respects the views of those perceived as different from self.Values collaboration. Actively seeks out and incorporates ideas of others. Takes leadership in working with others to improve the overall environment. Regularly share information and ideas.Values professionalism: Respect for school rules, policies, and norms Knows school rules and policies. Follows them consistently. Understands the purpose of regulations and respects their intent. Accepts responsibility for personally following them in patterns of dress, behavior, etc. EPSB Code of Ethics

The majority of the schools I have taught in have been filled with diverse cultures, but every school is filled with diverse students and staff.  Everyone is different, and it is important to find out what those differences are in order to provide for and support everyone with a variety of needs.

  • Values professionalism: Commitment to self reflection and growth. Recognizes personal limitations and strengths and uses them to best professional advantage. Actively seeks suggestions and constructive criticism. Regularly practices critical thinking. Regularly engages in learning through self-reflection.

Self-reflection is one area that I firmly believe in, and I try to do often.  I know that my way is not always best, but I also know that even when what I am doing is good, it always has room for improvement.  Being around a variety of LMS over the years, I have a lot of ideas for what I want in my library in the future, but I also know that I have so much to learn.  As a LMS, I will seek out professional development and professional opportunities to continue to improve myself.

  • Values professionalism: Professional development and involvement. References and makes use of professional organizations or publications. Willingly participates in professional activities or events that promote professional development.

Currently, I seek out opportunities to present at professional development not only to share, but to learn from others.  I have been asked by KET as well as KASL to present this summer about Copyright because I presented at KySTE and KET last year on Copyright.  While I am not an expert, it is an area that many have concerns about, and I began researching to teach my students and to understand myself.  I also present at conferences to get free registration to be able to participate in these opportunities.

  • Values professionalism: Professional responsibility. Accepts responsibility for own actions and for helping all students learning and actively seeks self-improvement. Consistently holds high expectations for the success of all students. Consistently looks to explain and remedy student lack of success by factors within the control of self

I hope to collaborate with other teachers in the building in order to provide support for teachers and students to understand how to help students be more successful.  There are so many ways that the LMS can support the teachers and students in order to enhance learning.  This is a process that I will continue to work on to find ways that I can help.

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