Practicum 591 Blog #8

  • CEBS Dispositions

  • Values diversity – Willingly works with others from different ability, race, gender, or ethnic groups. Welcomes feedback and interaction with others. Listens carefully to others and respects the views of those perceived as different from self.Values collaboration. Actively seeks out and incorporates ideas of others. Takes leadership in working with others to improve the overall environment. Regularly share information and ideas.Values professionalism: Respect for school rules, policies, and norms Knows school rules and policies. Follows them consistently. Understands the purpose of regulations and respects their intent. Accepts responsibility for personally following them in patterns of dress, behavior, etc. EPSB Code of Ethics

The majority of the schools I have taught in have been filled with diverse cultures, but every school is filled with diverse students and staff.  Everyone is different, and it is important to find out what those differences are in order to provide for and support everyone with a variety of needs.

  • Values professionalism: Commitment to self reflection and growth. Recognizes personal limitations and strengths and uses them to best professional advantage. Actively seeks suggestions and constructive criticism. Regularly practices critical thinking. Regularly engages in learning through self-reflection.

Self-reflection is one area that I firmly believe in, and I try to do often.  I know that my way is not always best, but I also know that even when what I am doing is good, it always has room for improvement.  Being around a variety of LMS over the years, I have a lot of ideas for what I want in my library in the future, but I also know that I have so much to learn.  As a LMS, I will seek out professional development and professional opportunities to continue to improve myself.

  • Values professionalism: Professional development and involvement. References and makes use of professional organizations or publications. Willingly participates in professional activities or events that promote professional development.

Currently, I seek out opportunities to present at professional development not only to share, but to learn from others.  I have been asked by KET as well as KASL to present this summer about Copyright because I presented at KySTE and KET last year on Copyright.  While I am not an expert, it is an area that many have concerns about, and I began researching to teach my students and to understand myself.  I also present at conferences to get free registration to be able to participate in these opportunities.

  • Values professionalism: Professional responsibility. Accepts responsibility for own actions and for helping all students learning and actively seeks self-improvement. Consistently holds high expectations for the success of all students. Consistently looks to explain and remedy student lack of success by factors within the control of self

I hope to collaborate with other teachers in the building in order to provide support for teachers and students to understand how to help students be more successful.  There are so many ways that the LMS can support the teachers and students in order to enhance learning.  This is a process that I will continue to work on to find ways that I can help.

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Practicum 591 Blog #7

Throughout all of my LME classes and field experience for my first Master’s in 2008-2010 to my Rank I in 2015-2017, I have observed in 3 different libraries from some of my favorite library media specialists.  I have taught classes in these schools, so I have seen more than just field experience.  The great part is that I was able to see a variety of grades with library media specialists that had only been in the library for a couple years to 10 years to more than 20 years.  Every LMS was different in their approaches and responsibilities.

Making connections and maintaining relationships with other LMS is important to me.  While these three LMS are more than just connections on social media, many LMS around KY and beyond I am connected to through twitter, ListServs, and other social media.  I do not think that I would have made it through my classes without these connections.  I know that one of my most valuable resources as a LMS will be former and current LMS.  Participating in Twitter Chats is also something that I want to continue.

Here is a link to the feed of #KyLChat that takes place with LMS and those interested in LME throughout the state of KY for an hour a few times a month.

The ideas you can get, the ideas you can share, and the connections that develop are very helpful for any LMS.

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Practicum 590 Blog #6

Technology is my strength, and working in the library allowed me to share some of my technology resources.  While I have shared with students, I hope to continue to share with teachers in a more collaborative effort.  I have a website that lists many resources, but when I teach 7 classes a day, it is hard to find time during the school day to work with other teachers.  Being in the library where many teachers come to work on projects would allow more technology collaboration and sharing.  Currently technology is not a strength of our librarian, though she is always sharing resources with the staff.  I hope to be like my current librarian that always seeks to share with others, and this is one way that I have been trying to do that.

While the site is not everything I want it to be yet, it is a work in progress that I will continue to work on to assist teachers.  I do believe that I would be able to reach more teachers in a LMS position to have more time and space to collaborate with others in the future.

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Practicum 590 Blog #5

Research begins to become a major part of education in middle school.  In 8th grade students begin using databases like the KYVL, but they do not know all the features, and need support.  This was one activity that I helped with during my practicum with my students and other students in the library.  Here is a video demonstrating one interaction.

I try to express to the students the importance of finding reliable sources, and the KYVL has some of the most reliable sources.  With the way technology is today, and how technology continues to change, helping students understand reliable sources is very important.

Research brings about citing sources, and this is difficult for many adults, so students have an even harder time understanding.  Showing students the tools to cite and check their sources helps students feel less overwhelmed.  Many teachers are not aware of the new tools to help with citing sources.

While research is not just for the library, the LMS can help support teachers and students.

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Practicum 590 Blog #4

One aspect of working with students in the library includes exposing them to more resources like KhanAcademy for Math help.  This was very helpful for students needing more help with advanced Math classes.  Many of our students are taking advanced classes including classes at the high school.  Many meet in the library on their “off period” between the high school class and middle school class, and seek help in the library.  I was able to share resources with students, and this is one area that I would like to increase in our current library.  Currently I create YouTube videos for my students in my classes, but I would like to create a page for all students at BGJHS to have access to for extra help and a starting place for projects.  I could do this with a site on the school website, a google doc link that all students could search when they are logged in, or have links attached to my YouTube account with Playlists for help with short videos about the sites.

Here is an example of videos I created to help with using Edmodo:

I believe that students would find this helpful, and I believe that many students would contribute with their own videos showcasing sites they think would be helpful.  There are so many opportunities to expand what we are currently doing to support our students, and there is always room to improve.

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Practicum 590 Blog #3

Working in the library is full of uncertainty.  You never know what you’ll be doing from day to day.  Some days I went into the library and there were 4 full classes meeting in different areas of the library, plus small groups and individuals that would come in.  At BGJHS, the librarian only has one class every day that is unrelated to the library, but rather a supplemental math or reading class.  The other classes and small groups that meet in the library will meet in there for resources or just needed a space.  The layout of the library allows for different groups to be in there and all still work pretty well without disturbing others.

This is an important feature that I had thought about, but realized that it depends on the needs of the particular school.  One school had a separate classroom for her classes, a story area with risers for seating and a puppet stage for entertainment, but the other areas were very open.  You could have a couple groups in there at one time, but it would be difficult to not disturb one another unless one was in the classroom and the other was outside.  The classroom also have windows on two side, so this is also a distraction, while the BGJHS library does not have windows, but does have shelves and desks as barriers for sound and sight.

The current layout works well, but I am sure there are modifications and additions that would cost money to make the space even better to house multiple classes and groups simultaneously throughout the day.  This might be something I would look at in the future.

Here is a video displaying the BGJHS library spaces.

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Practicum 590 Blog #2

Many students were reading books for other classes, and asked if they could use those books for their book trailers.  I allowed them to do that, but also provided time to look for other books, as well as show what types of different books were in the library.  We discussed books that might be of interest based on other student interest, and we discussed graphic novels.  Many students had not read graphic novels.  While spending time in the library, students read, but also realized the books they were reading were not books they wanted to read, so they traded.  I realize this is important because sometimes you want to read a book, and that book is just not interesting at the time.  When I first tried to read The Notebook, I could not get through it.  It was so boring.  Years later, I picked the book up again, and read it in a couple days.   We have to understand that students are the same way, and give them ample amounts of time to decide if they like a book, and not force them to read a book they don’t like.


This picture shows me talking to some of my students that told me that they do not like to read, and they do not want to read.  We discussed what they liked, and I suggested a variety of books and other reading material for them.  These two really enjoyed The Walking Dead, so we discussed the comic books and other Walking Dead material in the library.  While I do not think they read any new books, I hope that our discussion will make them think about materials to read in the future.  This also made me consider what materials I would purchase for a library, how I would decide on materials, and how I could engage in conversation with students that do not like books to possibly peak their interest.  One of the assignments for one of my classes reminded me of creating a bulletin board or video for books that related to popular tv shows, because my video related to popular movies that are books.  This is another way to possibly spark interest and encourage readers.


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