Practicum 590 Blog #3

Working in the library is full of uncertainty.  You never know what you’ll be doing from day to day.  Some days I went into the library and there were 4 full classes meeting in different areas of the library, plus small groups and individuals that would come in.  At BGJHS, the librarian only has one class every day that is unrelated to the library, but rather a supplemental math or reading class.  The other classes and small groups that meet in the library will meet in there for resources or just needed a space.  The layout of the library allows for different groups to be in there and all still work pretty well without disturbing others.

This is an important feature that I had thought about, but realized that it depends on the needs of the particular school.  One school had a separate classroom for her classes, a story area with risers for seating and a puppet stage for entertainment, but the other areas were very open.  You could have a couple groups in there at one time, but it would be difficult to not disturb one another unless one was in the classroom and the other was outside.  The classroom also have windows on two side, so this is also a distraction, while the BGJHS library does not have windows, but does have shelves and desks as barriers for sound and sight.

The current layout works well, but I am sure there are modifications and additions that would cost money to make the space even better to house multiple classes and groups simultaneously throughout the day.  This might be something I would look at in the future.

Here is a video displaying the BGJHS library spaces.

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