Practicum 590 Blog #2

Many students were reading books for other classes, and asked if they could use those books for their book trailers.  I allowed them to do that, but also provided time to look for other books, as well as show what types of different books were in the library.  We discussed books that might be of interest based on other student interest, and we discussed graphic novels.  Many students had not read graphic novels.  While spending time in the library, students read, but also realized the books they were reading were not books they wanted to read, so they traded.  I realize this is important because sometimes you want to read a book, and that book is just not interesting at the time.  When I first tried to read The Notebook, I could not get through it.  It was so boring.  Years later, I picked the book up again, and read it in a couple days.   We have to understand that students are the same way, and give them ample amounts of time to decide if they like a book, and not force them to read a book they don’t like.


This picture shows me talking to some of my students that told me that they do not like to read, and they do not want to read.  We discussed what they liked, and I suggested a variety of books and other reading material for them.  These two really enjoyed The Walking Dead, so we discussed the comic books and other Walking Dead material in the library.  While I do not think they read any new books, I hope that our discussion will make them think about materials to read in the future.  This also made me consider what materials I would purchase for a library, how I would decide on materials, and how I could engage in conversation with students that do not like books to possibly peak their interest.  One of the assignments for one of my classes reminded me of creating a bulletin board or video for books that related to popular tv shows, because my video related to popular movies that are books.  This is another way to possibly spark interest and encourage readers.


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