Practicum 590 Blog #1

Since I was young, I wanted to read.  My mom would read to my brother and I before we went to bed, and when I was too young to read, I already had the desire to find books and dive into another world.  I began reading in kindergarten, and I was fortunate enough to always have a good library at school, in my county, and at home.  Reading is a true passion of mine that might keep me up all night finishing a book.  I know I was sleep deprived at an early age because I wanted to finish my book, so I’d wait until my parents were asleep to read.

As I enter my last semester of Graduate School to become a librarian, I think about how I had access to TV, movies, and games as a child, but I loved reading more.  Today, we are similar situation with even more access to TV, movies, and games anywhere with mobile devices.  When I traveled as a child, I would always bring a book with me.  One good part of the technology in regards to reading, is that you can multiple books with you wherever you go, and even read them in the dark without a light.  But how do we get students to enjoy reading and want to read.  Some kids, like me, naturally want to read.  Some are encouraged by family and friends, while others found the books that made them readers.  What do we do to encourage other students that haven’t found a reason to read, yet?  This is one thing I spoke to my supervising librarian about.

This is my 4th year at BGJHS, and the last 2 years I have spent time observing in the library for my LME classes.  Since I currently teach Related Arts, and my supervising librarian is considered part of the Related Arts Team, I have gotten to know her well over the last 4 years.  We have discussed books, as I also check them out of the library to read, and we have discussed technology since that is my current teaching position.  After discussion of encouragement, we collaborated to have students create book trailers for my class.  Students could choose any book, and my supervising librarian and I worked together to help those students that did not like to read, find a book that might spark their interest.  We talked to the students to find out their interests.  We suggested specific book series based on what books other students had checked out in the past.  The students also spent time in the library to read their books so that each student had the opportunity to explore the library, since the librarian has a flexible schedule, and few teachers bring the class to the library to check out books on a regular basis.

After reading the books, the students spent time in my class creating book trailers to encourage others to read the books.  I will share these trailers with the librarian to see if she would like to use these in the library in some way, in hopes that others will be encouraged to read more.


Here is an example of one of the book trailers:



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