20 % Project

For my 20% project, I will focus on educators.  I want to create a website that provides additional resources, help videos, and a place for educators to submit their specific questions.  Since I have recently taken on the position of School Technology Integration Specialist, my administrators have asked me what I can do to help our teachers integrate more technology in the classroom in which the students are using the technology.  We also want to provide support and resources for the teachers, but not overwhelm them.  My job is to figure out a way to provide this support so that adding technology does not seem like more being added to their job, but rather invigorates the lesson.

I plan to use my school site to host the page, but depending on the settings, I might change to a google site.  I hope to complete this website with multiple resources by the beginning of November, but to continue adding to the website throughout the years.  I am also hoping to include my STLP students in this project.  They might be able to find resources for their class, provide feedback on ways to integrate technology in their current classes, and have students create short tutorial videos.  Students have previously held “classes” for the community and presented at our district TeachMeet.  There was low attendance which was discouraging for the students.  This might be another project that is similar, but is more rewarding for students and more beneficial for educators.

Since I was on the committees at the district level for integrating technology with students using the technology and the long term technology plan, I have an idea of what the district wants, but I need to have more in depth conversations with those in my building to provide the support for my teachers.   My plan is to meet with each PLC at school to get their specific needs.  Since this site is for the staff at my school, I want to ensure that I have their feedback and needs, rather than create a site that no one will use.  I also plan to use the SAMR model since that was one big push in our district last year.

I am excited to take on this new role, and I think this site will be a perfect way to begin providing the support without overwhelming them.

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4 Responses to 20 % Project

  1. Hi Dianna,
    The idea for a help site seems, well, very helpful to me. I feel it would be very helpful to include some way for teachers to go to the site and submit information to receive help. Sort of like submitting a help ticket like people do when the computer won’t work, but on this they would put down what they are wanting to do with technology in their classroom and request your help with it.

    • diannawolf says:

      That is exactly what I am thinking about. I have had teachers in the past come to me to ask about what they could use for an idea of an assignment (e.g. what could students use to record their stories), but I hope that more teachers might ask if a form was set-up, and they knew I would look for tools.

  2. I feel that your 20% project idea is a wonderful idea and will be beneficial to your district if teachers will use it. I know that you will need to get some teachers on board with you to help promote your resources and to help with what needs to be included. Many teachers are unaware of how to incorporate student use of technology into their classrooms and typically do not ask for help, the site you are creating will be a great resource for teachers to use. Here is a link to the basic site that my district currently has: http://www.ohio.kyschools.us/olc/teacher.aspx?s=1083 There are multiple things I would change, but it is a start.

    One suggestion I have is to work with teachers who incorporate technology into their classrooms on a regular basis. I would make quick video recordings of them teaching while using technology or when their students use technology, kind of a pitch of why using technology in the classroom is beneficial to the teacher and students. I would also interview students on the ways they would like to use technology in the classroom, this might give other teachers ideas of how you might be able to assist them as the Technology Integration Specialist.

    I look forward to the development of your project and the benefit that will come from it within your district.

    • diannawolf says:

      Thanks! I appreciate the link to your district site. I’ll have to check it out.

      I mentioned the project to my STLP students, and I had at least one student that wants to help with the site.

      Great suggestion of getting teachers and students involved, too! I just want our teachers to find some resources they love, get students involved with sharing what they like, and having a useful site.

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