To Create is Human

Blog 1: To Create is Human





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 Entrepreneurial mindset

Education demands diversity and continues to add more and more standards for contents, but the pressure remains on standardized test scores which do not take into consideration diverse needs of learners or learning in a different way.  If education and my school were to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, I believe that education would change entirely.

Educational standards might not change, but teachers would have to teach differently with the standards.  Many teachers would not know how to embrace this mindset because we were not taught how to teach with these concepts in mind.  Education would have to change drastically, but this could encourage many students to be more interested in school by helping students find their interests.  Students might figure out what they are interested in in order to do in the future, or at least be reminded that there are many job opportunities and possibilities.  One important feature to note is that it is not entrepreneurial curriculum, but rather encouragement of various jobs and skills.

Kentucky’s Practical Living Program Review has made our school encourage teachers to invite community leaders and guest speakers into the building.  Our school also supports various programs that allow different business leaders to partner with students.  The problem lies with the lack of involvement with the entire school.

In order for our school to have the entrepreneurial mindset, all teachers would have to buy into the mindset and receive training in order to really understand how to develop students with this mindset and encourage students.  Teachers would have to find a way to teach both the standards and integrate entrepreneurial skills.  Teachers would need to foster creativity which has not been the case in education in recent years.




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2 Responses to To Create is Human

  1. Sarah Jennings says:

    Dianna, the mandatory Program Review does have its highlights when it comes to helping make our schools better for the students. That is wonderful your school is embracing connections with community leaders. Teachers and administrators must work together in order to be successful. The students are very aware whether it is a team effort or not. There would be so many changes at my school if we truly embraced the entrepreneurial mindset toward education and it sounds like the same within your school. “Education should be about enhancing human talents (Zhao, 2012). As a whole, our education system today does not allow all teachers to do so. According to Prince Ea (2016), “While students may be 20% of our population, they are 100% of our future. Let’s give every gift an equal chance.”

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  2. Zeambo Dahnweih says:

    Dianna, thanks for the mind map. I enjoyed reading what you had to say about education and the challenges it faces today. Your opening statement calls for diversity in education. This is a truth that educators need to accept, no matter what. There are myriads of reasons why education should embrace diversity. One is the fast-changing demographics of our student body. Almost every classroom is comprised of students of diverse background. Even two people of similar background may perceive and process the same concept differently. We have not served a student well unless we allow him/her the mental freedom to learn the way that suits him.

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